XRANGE is founded 2003 in Taipei by architect Grace Cheung and industrial designer and serial entrepreneur Royce YC Hong. XRANGE works on multiple scales, with a scope and diversity of projects encompassing masterplans, architecture, landscape, installations and products.

Steered by the founders’ extensive international background and cultural fluency, XRANGE’s work is characterized by concise strategic thinking, bold forms and distinctive material attitude shaped by local contexts. Inspired by constraints unique to every project, XRANGE’s architecture strives for original solutions that create meaning and place for users. With unwavering commitment to purpose and performance, XRANGE takes an essential and adaptive design approach, capitalizing on minimal means to realize works that are grounded without compromising human and environmental factors, spatial experience, design innovation and the soul of craft.

The work of XRANGE have been exhibited and published in numerous international platforms and media. Cheung was awarded two AIA International Design Awards for both architecture and urban design in 2021.